With that said, it's been almost a week since I updated. Bad Suzy! Here we go.

(I began writing this post yesterday, never published it, now I'm finishing it...)

Progress report:

I should be finished with Anthony's Broad Street Mittens either tonight or tomorrow at approximately 1:30pm (aka: the end of my lunch break). I AM FINISHED!!! I'm siked, and seeing as I've been working on this project for what seems like forever, I'm also very relieved. Can you believe I never found that other mitten? Stupid. Leave it to me to do double the work.
I worked on them Monday night while Anthony read Running with Scissors to me. We bought (not, brought, sorry, inside joke--well, not really a joke) it this weekend and began reading it Saturday night. We take turns, he reads a chapter, then I read a chapter. It's fun, and cute, and cozy.

So I finished the mittens last night while playing Trivial Pursuit. I know it was kind of rude for me to knit while playing a board game, but it just had to get done. I still haven't knit my swatch for the KNITTING OLYMPICS which starts Friday night!!!!! Ack! I told Jen that I was just going to go in blind, but she insisted that I get some training time in. I totally agree with her, but stupid me, I left the yarn at home, so I can't knit a swatch at lunch. Doh!! I guess I could do it tonight.

OH! Tonight I'll post pics of the mittens and the slippers I knit my mom. Then I'll knit a swatch. Then I'll go to Anthony's and do laundry and eat pasta. Then I'll probably re-write this whole post b/c it's dumb.