I know I said I was going to keep up, but, damn, I guess I've gotten lazy.

We'll start where I left off.

Friday: I met Brodie up in Commack for a quick nap, and other fun, was home by 6:30 and left for Rocky Point and Erins Dinner party by 7:30. Drove all the way up to Guam with Jen and we won a contest on the radio. That was fun!!! I saw a shooting star. Marvelous. The dinner party was fabulous, I love those people. We were out of there by 11 and got to the Funky Phish around 11:30. Met up with Brodie there. Danced. They covered Beast of Burden!!!!!!!! One of my all time favorite songs!! Brodie and I bounced out of there early so that we could go spend our last night in Commack. Fun.

Saturday: Wake up, clean up, home, change, Target for a gift, then to my Aunt's for my cousins surprise 30th B-day. Hung out for a bit, then came home, changed again, and Jen and I went to Pauls house to meet up with him, CJ, Joe, Megan, Mike, and Kevin to go to the Soulive, Medeski Martin and Wood show at the arboretum in Oyster Bay. We tailgated in the parking lot and played monkey in the middle with a football. I was always in the middle. haha. The concert was incredible. We sat on the lawn and drank and ate and knitted (at least I did). It was great. I layed out this green comforter I had in my trunk and Mike, Megan and I designated it a dance floor and realized that it was the best feeling to be on it with our bare feet. It felt sooooo nice. We were sliding around on it and dancing like silly hippies. haha. So fun. Great times with great people. We got back to Paul's house around 11:30, and pulled up exactly at the same time as Brodie. Whoop! I missed him. We made a foolish decision to play poker and were all falling asleep at the table. It was fun though. We got home around 2am.

Sunday: We slept in and had bagels when we got up. Jen, Dennis, Mike and I went to see Brodie's show, then we all went out for Sushi at Kotobuki afterwards. Then it was off to Brodie's for bed. His bed is so damn comfy.

This week:

Monday: Work, then the Diner with Brodie, Mike and Amanda who was in town for the evening. Pizza bagels are so yummy. Brodie had to work nights all week, so I went home and decided I needed to move my room around. It's definitely got the feng shui flowing now. I love it, although it's pretty tight. I have way too much furniture for my little room, but it makes me feel a lot better this way.

Tuesday: Work, Dermatologist Apt., then I went to Brodies and napped with him for a couple of hours. We woke up and had Burger King for dinner. Ew, but yum at the same time. He went to work and I went home and organized an 85 E. main movie night. Ivan and Zofi came by and we were all in our PJ's and watched "Shopgirl". Great flick. Funny and serious, and wonderfully written. Loved it.

Wednesday: Work, then Brodie took me out to dinner at Captain Bills. I had the Bass. It was out of this world. He's so cute. It was such a lovely dinner. I went home and met up with Jen, Nancy and KT, and we all went to see his show. It was my third time. I went by his place and we cuddled for a bit before he went to work. I hate when he works nights. Boooo.

Thursday: Work, then I went home and sat on the couch for 2 hours. I wasn't feeling well. Brodie came by with burritos, and he carried me to bed after I passed out on the couch. I got up and went to play poker at 9. I lost by 11:30, stopped by the Half Penny on my way home and chatted with Johnny for a bit. I was wired, so I wrote a letter to Jimmy and talked to Brodie a few times on the phone until I fell asleep. I'm so glad that it was his last night working nights.

So. That brings me up to today.

This weekend should be fun. Tonight I am going to Brodie's show again, then we're planning on just being together. Should be great, I'm looking forward to spend some alone time with him.

Tomorrow night we're having a PARTY!! It's gonna be nuts. I can't wait. I'll write all about it.

So, that's what's new in my neck of the woods. What's new with you?