The verdict is in.
I just spoke to the Geico claim adjuster and what he told me was sickening.
Apparently, with Geico they allow the repairs to be made with used parts. So, with the used parts, the total is going to come out to $1,100.00.
That means:
I pay $1,000.00 (my deductible)
Geico pays $100.00.
Why do I pay insurance? This is ridiculous. I'm angry and sad and bummed and furious. The emotions are enough for a stomach ache.
If I'm going to pay $1,000.00 I think I should at least be getting a new radio, not a used one. Ugh.
My car will most likely take a week to be fixed. So, not only am I $1,000.00 in debt, I'm carless and XM receiver-less (apparently I never added it to my coverage.)
I really want to look to the brightside here, but it's really difficult at this point. Almost impossible. I understand what you guys said about the person that did this, and that they're possibly needier than me, but I don't buy it. I work hard to pay my bills and to eat and sleep under my roof. I don't make much and I don't have much spending money, but I make due on what I have. I don't steal other peoples things to get by, I WORK to get by and, unfortunately, that's really all that is happening...I'm just getting by. I've been working since I was 13 years old. I just find it really hard to try to justify this thief's actions.
I used to love where I live. Now I hate it.