Is it Friday yet?

I moved the living room back to it's original state last night and it made me sad to lose the fun floor space for the pup. He has been incredibly hyper lately and I feel like giving him all that room to play for those few days was such a tease. Then, he peed on my comforter last night. This was after, that same morning, he woke up, jumped off the ridiculously high bed on his own (something he's never done), and pooped on the wee wee pad. I was shocked and completely in love with him for not making me put him down on the floor. He usually let's me know when he needs to go to the bathroom when he's up there. There's finger nibbling, growling, running to the end of the bed. All very clear signs that he needs to go. So I guess the question is, was I just a bad Mommy and oblivious to the fact he had to get down last night? I mean, it was at the edge of the bed where he had his accident. Or was he just getting back at me for taking away his floor space? These are the things I'm pondering today.