Deep Blue Something.

Apparently, they're the ones who sang "Breakfast at Tiffanies". Mike and I were convinced it was Del'Amitri until Brodie proved us wrong by singing an actual Del'Amitri song..."Look around the world pretty baby, is it everything you hoped it would be, the wrong guy the wrong situation, the right time to roll with me." Brodie was right. He's the winner.

There's one snippit of what kind of general converstation goes on in my daily life. Now, suppose I wrote every day for the past week instead of very unintentionally ignoring my blog. Imagine what kinds of useless junk you would learn, or, re-learn.

Anywho. Sorry I've been slacking. I'm not quite sure who I'm apologizing to exactly, but I'm just throwing it out there. Here's a quick round up of what's been going down:

  1. I was sick for the better half of last week.
  2. I cleaned, almost constantly, while I was sick.
  3. I went to "Steak night" at Quinns Thursday night with Jen, Adam and Tom and had the most wonderful meal. No, not steak, but seared tuna. Damn! Best tuna I've ever had. I played backgammon at the bar, then hung around for a bit and laughed with people I haven't seen in a while. It was a great time, and I'm glad Jen convinced me to come out.
  4. I was in cleaning mode again Friday night, so I made a run to Linen's N Things b/c I had a coupon. Came out with a new showerhead, shower tower, and blow dryer amongst other things. Came home, scrubbed the shower, installed showerhead, and tower, and took the best shower ever. Brodie cooked dinner and we watched tv and went to bed early. Whoop!
  5. Saturday was a lazy day. We sat around for the majority of the day, then decided to get started on my Mom's birthday present. I can't say what it is yet, b/c it's not finished and she hasn't received it yet (although her birthday was yesterday, doh!). New material, new project, now I know...
  6. Saturday night we went out to see My Friend Ben play at Brennan's, then to Quinns. I had a super fun time b/c Brodie didn't drink and I had the luxury of not worrying about taking care of him/getting us home. This has never, ever, happened before in the 11 months we've been together. I took full advantage and had a blast. Whoop!
  7. Sunday was spent watching an opera on channel 13, baking a cake for my mother, and reading the Times. It was fantastic. We all went out to dinner for my mother's b-day at Penninsula in bay shore. The meal was great, and it was a fun time with the fam. They let me bring my cake in, so we sang happy birthday while this crazy guy banged on a gong. It was hilarious, so much that I was in tears. It was really a fantastic way to end a great weekend.
  8. Last night Brodie, Mike, and I made burritos and had a feast. Then a bunch of us watched Saw III. Gross!!! Loved it though.


I need to knit tonight...