Tonight, I'm heading up to Gallery 4222 to celebrate Pedro's birthday. He's a swell guy and I haven't seen any of my friends since I can't remember when. I'm pretty siked, but I wish I had a little bit more of a heads up so that I could knit him something. Doh! I really should just knit a bunch of things that I could potentially give as gifts and have them hanging around in case of a surprise birthday like this. Not surprise in the sense of "SURPRISE!", because it's not quite a surprise party, but more in a way of "Suzanne, you've tried this a million times and you really need to get your ass in gear and write down everyones birthday's so that you aren't surprised to find out that it's TODAY." Gee. I know I wrote it down somewhere. What I really should do is put them all in my ical or google calander so that I get reminders. I have all of this technology at my fingertips and I don't ever put it to any good use. Lame-O.

Anywho. Off to Pt. Jeff I go. I'm bringing the pup! Unfortunately, Brodie has rehearsal, so he's unable to attend. Boooo. I have to stop and get a bottle of something first...Any suggestions?