Being creative, and loving it.

This week was full of super productive craftivity. (I'll make up words whenever I choose to do so, deal?) Everything should be a list. Here:

1. Friday night I finished the hat I was knitting for a certain baby girl who has yet to enter this world, and I actually remembered to take some pictures of it before it's gifted to the mommy-to-be. I'll post them eventually. Maybe. Who knows.

2. Saturday was GORGEOUS, and spent mainly outside, but Brodie and I did have a two and a half hour sitting in traffic adventure on the way to the city that night (we listened to the entire Yankee game, and had quite a fun time just being silly), and, thankfully, I brought some yarn and needles. I really didn't have a plan, I just started knitting. I think it's going to turn into a border for something, possibly a skirt. Hard to explain right now, but I did get a picture of the progress, so I'll post it when I get home.

3. Sunday? Hmmmm...Nope. I wasn't very creative, but I was really productive. Brodie and I spent a couple of hours lying on the beach, which was completely relaxing and therapeutic seeing as we (or, I) spent the night drinking (this, clearly, wasn't productive unless getting a tan is productive, then it was fantastically productive). We rushed home to pick up the pooch, and so that I can change out of my bikini and into my overalls, and we hurried over to Mark and Linda's to work on the vegetable garden (afterall, it was earth day!). We got tons of work done (cleaned up from the havoc the winter wreaked), and got super dirty in the process. Dylan got to play in the yard, and let me tell you, he was the happiest pup I've ever seen! We ate dinner real quick, then I dropped Brodie off at rehearsal and ran home to shower. I put on comfy clothes and a hat (wet hair still dripping), and went to the supermarket for a power shopping session (I say that b/c I spent $100.00). I got home and decided to tidy up my room and play with Dylan. It was a rather exhausting day with absolutely no knitting production. Oh well.

4. Monday night I set up all of my card making/scrapbooking junk (card stock, crazy scissors, glue, stamps, ink pads, brads, yarn, ribbon, sayings, etc.) and made some general blank cards as a gift for my boss for her birthday. I think I made 8 cards total including Birthday, Wedding, Baby, Graduation, and just a general hello type of card (I misplaced my Thank You stamp and I'm pretty bummed about it). Of course, I didn't take pictures. Doh! Well, they came out quite lovely, if I do say so myself. I left the crafting area a mess (Sorry Jen!) so that I could make some for myself...Still planning on it, but I really need to find the time. Possibly Sunday night.

5. Tuesday I began working on Calorimetry from Knitty during a lull in my work day. I actually cast on for it on Monday, but the needles I had were way too short for the 120 required stitches. Whoopsies. No sweat, I found the correct length needles in our knitting arsenal (thanks Grandma!!), and brought them to work with me on Tuesday. I've made this once before for Kiesha for her birthday this year, but I used much larger yarn and needles, so it knit up pretty quickly.

Kiesha's Calorimetry completed 1/4/07

In following the actual pattern it's taking quite a bit longer, but I'm loving how it's coming out. I'm making it for the aforementioned (previous blog entry) birthday stash I'm planning on building (although I really want to keep it for myself). Tuesday night is our scheduled Stitch n Bitch night, but nobody has really been showing up at the bar, so I invited the two gals that usually come out, Malina and Angelina, to our place to sit on the couch, chat, knit, and watch American Idol. Malina was busy, and Jen was being completely awesome with her new exercise routine (I'm really sooooo jealous of her rollerblades!), so it was just Ang and I. It was fantastic. She's super chill, and down to earth, and so fun to talk to. It was a good night. Barely made a dent on the headband, but the conversation was worth it.

6. I loss track of my numbers for a sec. Wednesday. Well, ok, not so productive. I knit a little bit in my car on my lunch break. It was the only night that Brodie didn't have rehearsal, so we did a big and very much needed laundry night. I hate going to the laundromat, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I knit for maybe 5 minutes in the car while my clothes were washing, but that was it.

7. Maybe this week wasn't as crafty as I thought...Wait, no, now I remember why I originally thought that. Thursday night we went over to Mark and Linda's and Scott and I began a mural that we're painting on baby Luca's wall. It's a jungle theme, and, although we only sketched it out last night, I think it's looking fabulous!!! I did some quick sketches a couple months ago while bored at work, and Scott is an amazing artist, so we just freehanded the images about 10 times bigger on the wall. So far we have a gigantic tree with a monkey swinging from it, an elephant and a giraffe. Scott had this cool projector thingy, so we thought we were going to be able to cheat, but the thing wouldn't magnify the images large enough, so we had to squash that plan and just go at the wall with our pencils. I'm really excited to begin painting, but I really need to find some quality acrylics on the cheap. We want to start painting Monday night, so I'm going to have to fit an art supply run into my jam packed weekend.


Whoop whoop!

I have officially 2 more hours until it's my weekend. I'm so pumped!

It looks like it's going to go a little something like this:

Tonight: Still up in the air. Maybe stay in and watch a movie. Maybe eat dinner then go out to see a movie. Maybe eat at Mark and Linda's and hang out there for a bit. Maybe lay down for a nap and sleep for 5 hours straight (on no, that's what I did last Friday night, not going to waste my night like that again).

Tomorrow: We're doing the local Long Island APDA chapter's Parkinson walk at Belmont Lake State Park at 9am. I love going to these things. I've raised about $300.00. Not too bad. Afterwards, I volunteered Brodie and I (Hi Brodie, I may or may not have mentioned this to you yet, sorry) to go to my parents house and help them clean up the yard and start planting (I secretly just need as many excuses as possible to wear my overalls). Then, we have a dinner date with Erin and Glen at 8pm at Painters. Mussels. I just want mussels. I'm anticipating mussels sooooo much.

Sunday: Brodie is working in the am, and I'm going to try to get out to Pearl Paint to gather up some acrylics when they open at 11am. Then we're doing brunch at his sister's house for a couple of family birthday's (which we haven't gotten gifts for yet. hmm). Sunday night is all about relaxing, and maybe some knitting, and maybe some card making, but definitely a lot of snuggling and cuddling, and being happy with my boys. Love love love.

Have a fab weekend!