Wonderful Weekending.

My weekend was pretty wonderful.

I had totally forgotten that I told Brodie's niece that I would go to a Damien Rice concert with her Friday night, so when Brodie called to remind me, I worked through lunch and left early so that I could get ready and get to the city. He came in with us and went to hang with Joe. The concert was SPECTACULAR! I LOVE DAMIEN RICE! So good! It was at the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden. I had never been there before, and to my surprise it was very quaint and intimate. Very small and comfy. He totally rocked it out! Thanks Elisabeth!

Afterward, I saw that his niece got on a train back to Stony Brook and I met up with Brodie and Joe at some bar where we finished watching the Yankee game. Then I got on a 12am train back home b/c I thought I had class Saturday morning...

Brodie stayed with Joe in the city and they got on line at 7am Saturday morning in Central Park for tickets for Shakespeare in the Park. Tickets don't go on sale until 1pm, but it's first come first serve so it's suggested that you get there as early as possible. There were people there with air mattresses.

I got up around the same time and went to Suffolk for my 9am class only to discover that I DIDN'T HAVE CLASS. Apparently, my course is a "Telecourse". What is a "telecourse" you ask? I had the same question. Apparently, my class only meets on campus 5 times during the semester. The rest of the time I have to learn off of 4 lecture DVD's I had to pick up at the Library. How ridiculous. When the lady at the registrar said "Didn't we tell you that when you came here to register?" I almost flipped out. Instead, I politely said, "Well, I registered online." I mean, come on. Who the hell in this day and age actually goes, IN PERSON, to the Registrar to register for college courses? That seems absolutely bizarre to me. So, essentially, I came home from the city for no reason. NO CLASS.

I walked to the Babylon train station from Brodie's mom's house and caught a 11:06 back to the city. I got there around noon and took the C up to Central Park West and 79th where the entrance to the park is. I surprised Brodie and Joe who had been on line, and were still on line, all morning.

Fortunately, they got tickets! Only about 50 people (if that) behind them got tickets as well. It was so sad to see the other's turned away. I couldn't image standing on line for up to 5 hours and not getting in. Then we chilled on the great lawn for a while, where we all had our go at hitting some whiffle balls. According to the photos, I make some pretty ridiculous faces when I'm swinging a bat. Then we ate Thai food, then went back to Joe's, napped, then went back to the park to see the play. A Midsummer's Night Dream. IT WAS AMAZING! Simply WONDERFUL.

Joe had his sister's car, so he drove us back to the Island. I'm pretty sure I slept in the back seat the entire drive.

Sunday, we woke up around 1pm and went to the Argyle fair with Dylan. Man is it hard to walk through crowds with that cutie. EVERYONE wanted to pet him or hold him. We got him the CUTEST Yankee's shirt. Can you believe that this pup has a Yankee's shirt and I don't? What's the deal? Brodie bought me a beautiful pair of earrings. I'm really into the whole pewter thing right now.

After the fair, we went to my parent's house for BBQ. We got to watch my sister's wedding video for the first time, which came out just lovely! It was pretty embarrassing to watch my speech. Oh, and I'm never dying my hair blond again. NEVER.

Brodie and I were pretty shot when we got home, but we watched as much of the Giant's game as we could before passing out.

It was a rough nights sleep for both of us. I'm not sure what the problem was, but we just couldn't stay asleep. The poor guy had to get up at 4am for work. Then he surprised me by being home before my alarm went off at 7:30am. He brought me a bagel and coffee. So sweet.

I've been having a pretty rough day at work. Super busy, and I'm definitely allergic to something in this office. It's probably just all the dust, but I've been sneezing and sniffly all day. I just want to go to bed, but I have to go to the Library and do tons of homework tonight. Meh.

Should we count how many time's I said "wonderful" or "amazing" or "awesome". I really have to broaden my vocab.