To Do. This week.

For School:

1. Organize notes, read and study for Counseling Midterm.
2. Media Profile.
3. Collage project - print photos
4. Read, journal, and create art for Acquainted with the Night.
5. Field interview for CAT 224.
6. Draft a release form for interview.
7. Write paper based on interview.
8. Read Harvard Mental Health Letter on disease-modifying drugs in Alzheimer's, and prepare presentation.
9. Conduct web research and summarize my findings on blackboard.

For Life in General:

1. Take Dylan to the vet.
2. Finish knitting my secret project.
3. LAUNDRY. Tons of it.


I somehow got AMAZING LAST MINUTE Bruce Springsteen ticket's and went to last night's sold out show at the Nassau Colesium! Although he didn't play either of my faves (Thunder Road or Rosalita) the show was completely radical. I mean, out of this world. Indescribable! Really. That good.

So. Much. Fun. Whoop! (pics will be up soon!)