This and That.


-I got out of bed late and had to apply my make-up at work.
-Super crazy busy day at work.
-A bottle of Permenamel Glass Cleaner opened in my painting bag, which was in my car. I spent my lunch break cleaning it up.
-I spent 20 minutes on the line at the bank.
-I found out that my Counseling midterm is next week!
-There were FIVE Nassau Police cars on the ramp from the Meadowbrook to Hempstead Tpk West stopping cars.


-I got in some extra cuddle time with Dylan this morning. He's the best in the morning.
-The day went by pretty fast because I was so busy!
-Having to clean up the leaky cleaner forced me to clean out the rest of my car too. It will be clean for a couple of days.
-I ran into Raj at the bank. He's the owner of the 7-11 closest to my job. He's always very friendly when I go in there, but I haven't been in a while because I have my own coffee maker at work now. We were catching up (while waiting on the ridiculously long line) and we got to talking about school, and it turns out that he is in Med School at Stony Brook. I knew he had to be around my age, but I never thought that he might be in school. We had a great conversation. The things you learn.
-My Counseling prof. is THE BEST, so I'm not very worried about the midterm next week.
-As I was driving on the Meadowbrook, I decided that I would wait to get to campus to call my Mom. Good thing. Those coppers were pissed that they had nothing to pull me over for! Whoop!
-Dylan is the cutest ever.