Yin and Yang.


Some unfortunate things that happened:

-I put on two different earrings as I was running out the door for work.
-I got yellow paint on my sweatshirt.
-I got heartburn from a pizza bagel.
-Dylan pooped on the rug.
-I didn't eat any ice cream.

Some fortunate things that happened:

-I noticed I was wearing two different earrings before I walked into the office.
-The yellow paint goes quite well with the blue paint that was already on my sweatshirt.
-I ate a pizza bagel with ranch dressing from the Okonee Diner. YUM.
-Dylan gave me tons and tons of kisses because he knew he did something bad.
-There is still 1 hour and 39 minutes left in the day to find some ice cream.
-I finished painting the mural (see post below).
-I got in some "Ian time" (by dragging him to Michael's craft store with me...A few hours after he got back from Paris).
-The Project Runway season finale is on!
-I got a strawberry banana smoothie at lunch.
-I started knitting a new project (I'm making up the design as I go...We'll see how that turns out!)