I called it.

My weekend was more like craftless. Boo.

Friday night I cooked a meal of:

- Baked Tilapia in Lemon and Garlic Sauce
- Boiled brussel sprouts
- Mashed potatoes, with the skin on, using Lactaid b/c my man is a lactard. (I kinda goofed and used too much lactaid not really realizing that the consistency is so damn thin. Made my potatoes a bit watery.)
- My favorite salad including: Lettuce, raw mushrooms, red onion and chic peas.

Brodie brought over a bottle of white wine, and I have to say that our dinner was quite delicious. After eating I jumped in the shower, got my stuff (and the dogs stuff) together, and headed over to Brodie's place for the weekend. I was feeling quite exhausted when I got there from a combination of rushing home from work and cooking, going a million miles a minute from there on, and my lovely monthly visitor wreaking the type of havoc only it can. We got into bed sometime around 10 to watch Little Miss Sunshine, but I was asleep withing 10 minutes of the movie. Brodie watched the entire thing, then started to watch Snakes on a Plane, but fell asleep.

I woke up Saturday morning, pretty early, and decided that I had to finish Little Miss Sunshine right away. That movie is just hysterical. Definitely a new favorite. It was kind of overcast and dreary outside and I was so nice a cozy in bed watching my movie, that I decided that watching another wouldn't be such a bad idea. Brodie had to run out and he promised to pick up breakfast on the way back, so as soon as Little Miss Sunshine was over I popped in Funny Face. I only got about 20 minutes into it before Brodie was back with my absolute favorite, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Pancakes!!!!!!!! We ate our breakfast and then both finished watching Funny Face. By the end of the movie it was 70 degrees and sunny outside. Brodie was itching to get out, but I was still feeling pretty yucky from my aforementioned monthly ailment (did I mention I have a nasty cold on top of it all?), so he made arrangements to go to the batting cage with Brucia. I originally planned on running home and showering and stuff, but then I had a hallway run-in with Meathead and I could swear he said "take me for a walk", so I did. I held Dylan (3 lbs) in my left arm and walked Meathead (80-100 lbs) with my right arm. haha. It was a sight. Brodie called me while we were walking and had Brucia drop him off on our route. We decided to go up to the local pet store, Cattitudes, and buy Dylan his first harness and leash. As soon as we put him down, Meathead tried to eat him (no, those two haven't learned to like each other yet), so we kept our distance and walked them back to his apartment. Football was starting, so Brodie got to fixing the living room tv so that we could get cable. While he was in the process my Mom called, so I told her to come by b/c she'd never seen his place. My Mom and Dad came and sat in the living room with us and drank a beer. It was a nice visit. After they left we watched football, ordered Gino's, watched football, then retired to the bedroom to watch Snakes on a Plane. I have to tell you that I began watching it with little hope, but the movie was half-way decent. It had me screaming. Needless to say, I fell asleep halfway through and finished the rest of it Sunday morning.

I woke up early Sunday morning and snuck out (I left a note) to run home and clean up a little bit. I grabbed the free stuff we got when we went food shopping (Eggs, Bacon, English Muffins, and OJ) and went back to Brodie's to make him breakfast. We ate and then finished watching Snakes on a Plane. After that we watched football all day, breaking at 5 to go to my parents for dinner. We did a quick CVS run and back to Brodie's to finish watching my team (the Giants) lose. We watched some mindless tv including "You're the one that I want" the search to find Danny and Sandy to play in Grease on Broadway, followed by the "Apprentice LA". Dumb.

It was a pretty mellow and relaxing weekend with my boys. I did do a little knitting. I began a hat for my Brother-in Law. It's my altered version of this London Beanie. No stripes, chunky yarn, and size 9 needles make it a semi-quick knit. I'll definitely get a pic up sometime this week.