Tiiiiiiiiiime, is on my side. Yes it is.

I'm currently alone in the office, so that means I have a little time to catch up on blogging. We'll start with this past weekend.

Friday night, Brodie and I decided to have an Arts and Crafts type of night. I had a plan for his bare livingroom walls for a while now, and we finially decided to get it done. Here it is:

First, we picked out a bunch of our favorite records.

We chose our layout, used the level to mark the wall, and began...

We used sleek furniture tacks instead of ugly nails to hang them.

Almost finished!

Tada! Done.

We didn't finish until sometime around Two am. There might have been some alcohol involved. We also planned on making paintings for the kitchen, but, although we ran to Michaels at closing to get supplies, it was way too late and I was way too grumpy to get started on another project. Perhaps it's because while Brodie was so diligently hanging albums, I was busy making this:

We were going to my Uncle's on Sunday to celebrate a late family Christmas, and I couldn't arrive empty handed. I made a bunch of these ornaments for Brodie's family for Christmas, and I loved the pattern. I made another one Saturday morning.

I really love how these two came out!

Brodie slept in on Saturday morning while I finished the second ornament. My friend Chris was in town from Colorado, so we planned to drive out to Hampton Bays where he was staying to pick him up and bring him back to Bay Shore for the night. We head out there around 2pm. It was quite the rainy dreary drive, but we made wonderful time. After picking him up, we head up to Mattatuck where Chris's dad was working at this wonderful little cheese shop

We purchased some yummy cheese and tons of candy from the Godiva shop next door. Then we went up to Sound Ave and stopped at Martha Clara Vinyards for some wine/champagne tasting. We hung out with some Bison, then stopped to get Peach Pie. Then we came home, ate pasta, drank whiskey, and went out to the bar. Good times. You can see all of the pics from our wacky time on my Flickr.